Case study


Given that the water to be treated comes from a river a primary sedimentation treatment was required in order to treat the periodic turbidity of the river water in the case of rain and preserve the filters downstream of the elevated turbidity load.

Final design, construction, testing and commissioning of the Adiyan Waterworks - Phase II - for the Lagos Water Corporation : Construction of Adiyan Water Treatment Plant

As per Lagos Water Corporation (LWC ) requirements, the Phase II plant mitigated the problems related to water consumption in the Lagos State, thus satisfying the key objective of the Administration. The Plant consists of a 320.000 cm/day water treatment facility (+ 5% considering process losses), in order to double the capacity of the treatment plants developed during Phase I.

The Preliminary Assessment and Conceptual Design Report presents the preliminary investigations carried out, some technical evaluations and an assessment on the quantity and quality of the water available for the abstraction for the proposed treatment process for the “Adiyan Water Treatment Plant – Phase II”. Moreover it contains a list of issues which, together with others tabled by the Lagos Water Corporation (LWC) during various meetings, will be considered and taken into account during the design of the Phase II Plants.