Water division – Municipal

The water division is responsible for designing and manufacturing water treatment plants for the integrated water cycle in urban areas. Following the rules dictated by the legislature regarding public procurement, thanks to our “SOA” certifications and our technical structure, we are able to deal with competitive tenders and proposals that require project financing.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years and to our deep knowledge of legislation regarding the issue of the water cycle, we are always able to offer varied and avant-garde plant technologies, with the goal of minimizing operating costs and improving management impact.

In general, the division can provide the following plants:

• Drinking water treatment plants
• Municipal wastewater treatment plants
• Final fi ltration systems
• Sludge treatment plants
• Sludge drying plants
• Biogas recovery systems
• Screening and fi ltration equipment for river
and/or sea water intakes
• Pumping stations